Robertson offers both Finish and Weathertightness warranties.

Finish warranties include coverage for Bare Galvalume and Galvalume Plus, as well as Signature® 200 and Signature® 300 paint.

There are several different types of Weathertightness warranties. For example, the Single Source™ warranty puts the complete burden for proper installation of the roof system* on the manufacturer from the date of substantial completion. There are three levels of a Single Source™ warranty, depending on the level of project the building owner requires.

We’ve got you covered.

*Roof system is defined as the Robertson-furnished roof panels, flashing and related items used to fasten the roof panels and flashing (including roof jack and curb attachments pre-approved in writing) to the roof structure.

Note: Galvalume and Galvalume Plus are trademarks of ArcelorMittal in Canada and are trademarks of BIEC International Inc. in the United States. Signature® is a registered trademark of NCI Group, Inc.