Standing Seam Installer Certification Seminar

Our three-day course combines classroom lectures with hands-on installation training for SSR Systems, enabling you to:

  • Understand proper panel applications
  • Get helpful tips to improve the speed of effectiveness of installation
  • Learn how to avoid and correct common pitfalls and troubleshoot roof situations which are prone to leaks
  • Identify and install special roof transitions outside the standard eave, rake, ridge and gable conditions
  • Avoid or address conditions where materials can impact roof longevity
  • Get tips on maintaining roof modularity
  • Identify the impact of different roof insulation systems on an SSR System and what to consider prior to installation
  • Learn how to properly seam roof sheeting and troubleshoot incorrect seaming
  • Receive and Installer Certification for the SSR systems profiles covered in the class which stays with you, no matter what company you work for, and can be used nationwide

SSR Certification Application Form

SSR Certification Program Agenda