Training & Certification

Robertson Building Systems believes in training and continual education. We offer industry-attended classes including Introduction to Metal Building Assembly and Metal Building Installer Certification classes for insulated metal panel systems and standing seam roofs.

Metal Building Installer Certification Classes – Open Registration

The erector, now more than ever, must know and understand the nuances of the system he is installing. As architectural designs become more complicated, so does the installation. To ensure compliance with their designs and specifications, architects have started to specify that the roof installer be “certified” by the manufacturer. Two different classes are offered:

Robertson Builder Orientation (RBO) – Authorized Robertson Builders Only

This 3-day course will give you the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary for success on your proposals and bids. Content includes training on Robertson’s extensive product line and how to use the RBS software. The course will greatly improve your knowledge of the wide range of Robertson products and you will meet the people who handle your estimates and orders. Computers are supplied to ensure hands-on learning and practice of the Robertson software. A Robertson office tour and group dinner is also included with course registration.

2020 Standing Seam and Roof Panel Training Schedule:

January 08 – 09 Cancelled Houston, TX
February 05- 06 Cancelled North Las Vegas, NV
March 11 – 12 Cancelled Raleigh, NC – CANCELLED
April 08 – 09 Cancelled Houston, TX- CANCELLED
April 14 – 16 Cancelled Ancaster, ON- CANCELLED
May 06-07 Cancelled Oklahoma City, OK- CANCELLED
May 20 – 21 Cancelled Houston, TX
June 03 – 04 Cancelled Mattoon, IL
July  15- 16 Cancelled Houston, TX
August  12 – 13 Cancelled Oklahoma City, OK
August  26 – 27 Cancelled Houston, TX
September 23 – 24 Cancelled Mattoon, IL 
October  07 – 08 Cancelled Raleigh, NC
October  21 – 22 Cancelled Houston, TX
November 18 – 19 SSR Installer Training  North Las Vegas, NV
December 09 – 10 SSR Installer Training  Houston, TX


2020 IMP Training Schedule:

April 28-29 IMP Installer Training and Certification Phoenix, TX – CANCELLED
May 05 Cancelled Oklahoma City, OK- CANCELLED
May 12, 13, 14 Cancelled Seattle, WA
May 14 – 15 Cancelled Oklahoma City, OK
May  19 – 20 Cancelled Oklahoma City, OK
June  09 – 10 Cancelled Oklahoma City, OK
June  23, 24, 25 Cancelled Portland, OR
July 14, 15, 16 Cancelled Sacramento, CA
July 28, 29, 30 Cancelled Las Vegas, NV
August 11-12 Cancelled Oklahoma City, OK
August  13 Cancelled Houston, TX
August  25, 26, 27 Cancelled Los Angeles, CA
October 20-21 Cancelled Oklahoma City, OK
December  01 IMP Installer Training and Certification  Houston, TX