Robertson Thermal System (RTS)

The Robertson Thermal System (RTS) provides energy-efficiency and a finished interior appearance. Accommodating up to 12″ of uncompressed insulation, RTS provides an effective thermal barrier for energy-efficient roof and wall construction. RTS consists of an exterior panel and a liner panel, separated by thermal spacers. Various thicknesses of metal building insulation can be accommodated between the two panels with minimum through-metal contact. RTS reduces heat loss through the envelope compared to traditional metal building insulation systems so that smaller heating/cooling units that consume less energy may be used, reducing initial and building operating costs. RTS helps control condensation through vapor retardation. The interior liner panel supports and protects insulation while providing an attractive, easy-to-clean interior finish. Intended for both new and retrofit construction, the cost-effective RTS is easily customized to provide the level of energy efficiency required for your building. Download the RTS information brochure for more information.