Metal Wall Panels

Robertson offers the largest selection of metal wall panel systems in the industry with both single skin and insulated metal panels, including exposed fastener and concealed fastener panels. Our metal panels can be used for new construction or as a solution to retrofit cladding and are virtually 100% recyclable – no steel or material waste occurs during manufacturing or construction. Robertson wall systems offer a cost-effective solution with energy-saving technology and strong resistance to the elements.

Exposed Fastening Panels

Robertson’s exposed fastening panels have stood the test of time and are the industry’s go-to category for metal buildings. With a long history of reliability and performance, these panels still offer the design flexibility expected in modern designs and most can be installed horizontally or vertically on wall applications.

Concealed Fastening Panels

Robertson’s concealed fastening panels combine elegant design with the toughness of metal. Primarily used in architectural applications, these siding panels are also an appealing choice for residential and commercial applications.

Insulated Wall Panel Systems

Robertson’s insulated metal panels, manufactured by Metl-Span, deliver both attractiveness and energy-efficiency to a building’s design. As building and energy codes become increasingly more stringent, insulated panels are particularly advantageous in achieving sustainable design and code compliance. Acting simultaneously as the exterior façade, insulated metal wall panels offer the most advanced protection possible over the lifespan of a building. Whether your project requires unique aesthetic or performance considerations, or even fire-resistant capabilities, these panels offer the ultimate in design freedom and flexibility.