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Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) offer many advantages for building owners, designers and contractors. Some of these benefits include improved thermal performance, reduced building operational expenses, accelerated construction schedules, earlier business starts and much more. Robertson’s insulated metal panels are ideal for many applications, including architectural, commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

Robertson’s insulated metal panels are available in many different wall profiles and two roof profiles. Our insulated metal panel color and applied finish offerings allow for a multitude of design opportunities. Whether you’re an architect looking for the best design solution, a contractor in need of efficient materials that are easy to install or a building owner looking to save money on energy and maintenance costs, our panels make the difference.


Insulated Metal Panels
Roof Panels
  Roof Only Minimum Roof
& Wall Panels
Wall Only Fastening System Interior Liner Panels Canopy Roof System Curved Roofs Soffit System Facade System Equipment Screens
CFR Roof Panel x                    
LS-36 Insulated Roof Panel x                    
Wall Panels
Architectural Flat Wall Panel       x              
Striated Wall Panel       x              
Fluted Wall Panel       x              
Mesa and Light Mesa Wall Panel       x              
Tuff-Cast™       x              
Tuff-Wall®       x              
Santa Fe Wall Panel       x              
HPCI Barrier Wall Panel       x              
7.2 Insul-Rib Wall Panel       x              
ThermalSafe Fire Resistant Wall Panel       x              
LS-36 Insulated Wall Panel       x              
Cold Storage
Fluted Wall Panel       x              
Mesa and Light Mesa Wall Panel       x              
Stainless Steel Mesa and Light Mesa Wall Panel       x