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Standing Seam Roof Systems

A Robertson standing seam roof is one of the most durable and weathertight roof systems available in the industry.

There are two types of standing seam metal roof systems: vertical leg structural standing seam metal roof systems and trapezoidal structural standing seam metal roof systems.

Vertical Leg Structural Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems
The LokSeam®, BattenLok® HS, SuperLok® and Curved BattenLok® standing seam metal roof systems blend the aesthetics of an architectural panel with the strength of a structural panel.

Trapezoidal Structural Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems
The field-seamed system, Double-Lok® and snap-together system, Ultra-Dek®, are designed for strength, durability and weatherability.

Concealed Fastening Systems
Robertson’s standing seam metal roof systems can be used with a variety of concealed fastened clips, including UL-rated clips. These clips hold the panels firmly in place without unsightly exposed fasteners. Each clip system offers the ability to accommodate thermal movement.

Uplift Ratings
Each standing seam metal roof system carries the Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance and Wind Uplift (UL 90) ratings covering a wide range of roof designs. In addition, the Double-Lok® and SuperLok® systems meet a variety of ratings as tested under FM Global Corporation Standard 4471. The BattenLok® HS, SuperLok®, Curved BattenLok® and Double-Lok® systems have met all test requirements specified in CEGS 07416 / ASTM E 1592 Standing Seam Metal Roof System guide specification.

Weathertight Roof Systems
Special clips are available allowing for thermal roof expansion and contraction during extreme temperature changes. All trim is both weathertight and aesthetically pleasing, giving the roof a nice finished appearance.

Factory-applied sealant in the panel sidelap ensures a tight, secure weathertight lap whether it is a snap-together or field-seamed system.

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  Panel Image Roof Only Minimum Roof
& Wall Panels
Wall Only Fastening System Interior Liner Panels Canopy Roof System Curved Roofs Soffit System Facade System Equipment Screens
BattenLok® HS drawing_battenlok100x41 x 1/2:12     Concealed   x     x x
Curved BattenLok® drawing_battenlok100x41         Concealed   x x      
Double-Lok® drawing_double100x41 x 1/4:12     Concealed   x     x x
LokSeam® drawing_lokseam100x41 x 3:12     Concealed   x     x x
SuperLok® drawing_superlok100x41 x 1/2:12     Concealed   x     x x
Ultra-Dek® drawing_ultradek100x41 x 1/4:12     Concealed