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Curved Roof Systems

Robertson offers a choice of three distinctive and complete panel systems for curved roof or fascia: Curved BattenLok®, Craftsman™ SB and FlexLoc®. These curved roof systems have been tested using ASTM E 1592 and Underwriters Laboratories 580 test standards.

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  Panel Image Roof Only Minimum Roof Slope Roof & Wall Panels Wall Only Fastening System Interior Liner Panels Canopy Roof System Curved Roofs Soffit System Facade System Equipment Screens
Craftsman™ Series Small Batten drawing_craftsmanSB100x41 x 3:12     Concealed     x   x  
Curved BattenLok® drawing_battenlok100x41         Concealed   x x      
FlexLoc® drawing_flexloc100x41         Concealed     x x x