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Concealed Fastening Roof Systems

Robertson’s two concealed fastener metal roof systems are the Craftsman™ Series and Slimline®. Concealed fastener metal roofs are an aesthetically pleasing option and are typically used in architectural applications but are also a good choice in residential and commercial applications. These panels can be applied over conventional or wood-framed structures. The concealed fastener metal roof panels are usually narrower than exposed fastener panels and do not provide diaphragm. Concealed fastener metal roofs also have excellent weather resistance and increased durability.

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  Panel Image Roof Only Minimum Roof Slope Roof & Wall Panels Wall Only Fastening System Interior Liner Panels Canopy Roof System Curved Roofs Soffit System Facade System Equipment Screens
Craftsman™ Series High Batten drawing_craftsmanHB100x41 x 3:12     Concealed     x   x  
Craftsman™ Series Large Batten drawing_craftsmanLB100x41 x 3:12     Concealed     x   x  
Craftsman™ Series Small Batten drawing_craftsmanSB100x41 x 3:12     Concealed     x   x  
Slimline® drawing_slimline100x41 x 3:12     Concealed   x     x x