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Advantages of Robertson

Why do so many contractors and building owners prefer a Robertson building?  It’s because Robertson makes it easy to get the right building at the right price, fast!

Robertson metal buildings offer durability, fast construction, low maintenance and economical customization to save you money.

Robertson Building Systems is well-known in construction circles for our custom approach to every job. High-grade metal and top quality components mean reliability and durability in every building.

We also know you need a building as individual as your business. Robertson offers design flexibility and many options to meet your specific project needs.

Our professionally engineered building components are precision manufactured under quality standard CAN/CSA-A660 in IAS AC472 accredited facilities to ensure the integrity and durability of each one. A perfect fit at the job site means faster construction to save you labor time and money.

But it doesn’t stop at construction savings. Robertson steel buildings provide life-cycle savings too. Virtually maintenance-free, the appearance of Robertson building will stand the test of time.  Many options for insulation and day lighting provide opportunities for you to save heating, cooling and energy dollars.

Robertson steel buildings are virtually 100% recyclable – no steel or material waste occurs before or after manufacturing or during construction. Steel buildings can be moved, disassembled or sold if no longer needed and a meaningful amount of your initial investment may be recouped.

Your local Robertson District Manager has the expertise to guide you in the right direction as you select a building and can suggest an Authorized Robertson Builder. With years of industry experience, your district manager is a valuable resource.

Authorized Robertson Builders are our partners to assure your complete satisfaction.  Whether you only need the metal building erected or want complete design-build construction services from project start to finish, Robertson Builders are your local construction experts.  They know the building code requirements and understand the local permit processes for your new facility. They can help you make decisions that will save time and money in the initial planning stages.

Your Authorized Robertson Builder is committed to delivering a great building experience every time so that your expectations will be met or exceeded.

There is no higher compliment than a recommendation from you to your friends, family and business associates.